At Direct Primary Care of West Michigan, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our practice or about the DPC model in general. However, there are a few questions that get asked a lot, so we’ve answered some of them below. Simply click on a question to reveal the answer:

What is Direct Primary Care?
Direct primary care (DPC) is something of a catch-all term used for various types of retainer-based primary heath care practices. What sets DPC apart is that it offers patients a full range of medical services at a flat monthly rate, as opposed to other types of retainer services which may only offer few. These services include regular check-ups, routine care, preventative medicine, and more. The defining aspect of direct primary care is that the patient is billed directly (via a monthly fee) and insurance claims are not filed for medical visits.

This allows doctors to offer their services at very affordable rates with drastically more one-on-one per patient.

What's included with my membership?
Instead of billing per visit to a third party payer, DPC of West Michigan you’ll be able to see the doctor as many times as needed for a low monthly fee with no copay. You will have direct access to your doctor by phone, text, or email, and most in-office procedures are included.

You’ll also enjoy longer visits with your doctor and coordinated care, plus discount pricing on lab tests, prescriptions, and diagnostics.

Are DPC and concierge medicine the same?
No they are not, and the key difference is this:

Concierge medicine is typically more expensive per month and will often still participate with third-party payors. DPC does not bill insurance for visits, tests, or prescriptions.

Do I really get unlimited visits with my membership?
Yes, this is a key feature of your membership! We will not be able to accommodate walk-in clients though. Simply schedule an appointment and we’ll do our best to see you as soon as we can – in many cases we’ll be able to schedule you in the same day.
If I have Direct Primary Care, do I need insurance?
No, we do not require our patients to have health insurance.

Direct Primary Care of West Michigan does not bill health insurance or third-party payers, as our monthly fee covers unlimited visits to our practice and access to low-cost prescriptions, screenings, and tests. That being said, we recommend that our patients have a health insurance plan for catastrophes, such as a broken leg or severe illness.

What if I need prescription medications?
Should you need prescription medication, whether it’s an antibiotic, blood pressure medication, diabetic supplies, or other treatments recommended by Dr. Amat, DPC of West Michigan is able to offer these medications at near-wholesale prices to our patients as a part of our monthly fee.
What if I need a procedure, or I'm diagnosed with a serious illness?
As we’ve stated above, we recommend that our patients have some sort of safety net just in case life throws something unexpected (and potentially expensive) their way.

Should you need to see a specialist, we will refer you to one that we trust to handle your specific case, keep all involved parties in the loop, and make sure that your patient record stays up to date.

How do I know if Direct Primary Care of West Michigan is right for me?
Come get to know us! Schedule a free, unconditional visit to discuss your healthcare needs. It’s the only reasonable way to begin what we trust will be a long, productive, healthy relationship. Get in touch here!

Still have questions? Please feel free to Contact Us by email or give us a call at (616) 202-4088!