Immigration Exam / Green Card Physical

USCIS Form I-693

COVID-19 full vaccination is MANDATORY for all applicants over 6 months of age.

Dr. Belen Amat MD is a USCIS-designated CIVIL SURGEON that is specifically trained to conduct Immigration medical exams necessary for your USCIS change of status application.
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Cost of the Exam:

The cost of the exam includes reviewing medical history, records, vaccines, laboratories, and completing the form I-693.

Immigration exams are not covered by insurance.
Cost per person: $300.

Blood/Urine tests:

The cost of laboratory tests is sometimes covered by insurance (call your insurance to confirm)
If you don’t have insurance or don’t want to use your insurance let us know. We can draw the tests at your appointment or we can send the order to any lab.
Cost of all labs: $100

Payment to be made at the first appointment, we accept debit and credit cards and cash.


Depending on your age there are different vaccine requirements.

Don’t get any vaccines until your medical exam, as this may delay your process.

If you have vaccine records from another country, we may be able to use them.

We can also check for immunity of some of the diseases of the required vaccines.

We have some of the vaccines at cost, you may also get them at your primary care office, pharmacy, or health department.

Vaccines are generally covered by insurance at those other locations

ROADMAP AND TIMELINE for completion of form I-693 form:

  1. Complete the immigration exam questionnaire by following this link.
  2. We will review carefully your submitted application and will contact you with appointment times. We are usually able to do the exam the same week.
  3. When lab results are completed will contact you via email/text or phone regarding what vaccinations are missing if any and if additional testing is needed
  4. At a second appointment we will meet in the office for signature of the form. You will receive the sealed envelope for USCIS and a copy for your records

Enter your information below and we will contact you in the next business day. We are striving to complete your exam in the next 1-2 weeks.

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