Direct Primary Care Featured on NBC News

May 18th, 2017 by Dr. Amat

How Direct Primary Care is Changing The Medical Landscape in West Michigan and the Nation

Direct Primary Care of West Michigan is the foremost direct health care provider in the Greater Grand Rapids Area, but all over our state and across the country, the popularity of DPC is spreading. Patients and doctors both benefit under the model, as patients get much more one-on-one time with their physician, and doctors can afford to charge less due to the drop in overhead.

NBC News Video – Direct Primary Care: A Better Way to Pay for Healthcare?

In this video by NBC News, the benefits of DPC are shown from the perspective of a young family. With trips to the pediatrician a frequent occurrence in a house full of young children, DPC really shines with attentive doctors and unlimited visits. See more in the video below:

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