Dr. Josh Umbehr, DPC Pioneer, Discusses Benefits of DPC on Wayne Dupree Show

April 24th, 2017 by Dr. Amat

The popularity of Direct Primary Care has been sweeping the nation and many in West Michigan are wondering what all of the buzz is about. Direct Primary Care of West Michigan is here to offer families in the Grand Rapids, MI area and beyond a new way to keep their families healthy. For a low monthly fee, you’ll have access to unlimited visits to the doctor along with discounted prescriptions and tests. Doctors are able to spend more time with patients and are easily reachable if you find yourself wondering if you should come in or not.

Below, you can listen to Dr. Josh Umbehr discuss the benefits of the DPC model during his interview on the Wayne Dupree Show. He explains how DPC is superior for routine visits, especially for busy families, and how it’s been designed with the patient in mind.

Listen – Dr. Josh Umbehr from Atlas MD on The Wayne Dupree Show

Listen to “Guest: Dr Josh from Atlas MD – He’s Revolutionizing Health Care 3/20” on Spreaker.

How would you and your family benefit from having unlimited access to healthcare and pay less per month? We welcome you to visit us and see the difference. Please feel free to contact Direct Primary Care of West Michigan with any questions you may have about our practice, or stop by for a visit. To get in touch, Click Here.